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Body Transformation Coaching & Diet Consultations

Written by Monica Mollica.

I offer comprehensive Body Transformation Coaching and personalized nutrition/diet/supplement/exercise online consultations.
Whether you are looking for fat loss, muscle gain, health promotion and/or specific risk factor management, I'm happy to reach you a helping and motivational hand.

Personalized Diet/Nutrition & Supplementation Plans

There is no one-size-fits all! Everybody has unique metabolic needs, dictated by lifestyle and habits, and to a degree, genetics. And we all have different food preferences. I therefore offer personalized Diet/Nutrition & Supplementation consultations that are based on your individual needs, goals and taste. 
Are you or your friends going from one diet to the next, struggling to lose fat and keep it off? Are you confused what to eat and in what amounts? 
Whether you just want to consult with me to review your current Diet/Nutrition & Supplementation regimen, or want a new plan created for you from scratch, I will be happy to help. 
My motto is: No deprivation! Based on your preferences, I therefore help you develop a Diet/Nutrition plan that you enjoy and can stick to forever!  

Health Risk Assessment & Risk Factor Management

Having lost my father in a lifestyle induced heart attack at an age of 49, I'm a strong advocate of primary prevention. I closely follow medical research on prevention and non-drug treatments, and specialize in lifestyle interventions targeting obesity and the metabolic syndrome; a constellation of risk factors that increase the risk for metabolic/cardiovascular diseases like heart disease and diabetes. 
* If you feel your doctor is prescribing you too much medication? 
* Do you feel you doctor isn't spending enough time with you to find out the underlying causes behind your medical condition(s)?
* Is your doctor ignorant of the tremendous value that nutrition and exercise has to offer?
Then, feel free to contact me and I will be happy to look over your situation and provide advice. I will have you take blood tests that most doctors fail to acknowledge, but that often provide important information about your medical condition and give insights to non-drug interventions.

Body Transformation Coaching

Here's an outline of the five key elements that my coaching covers: 

* Goal setting

- A clear goal(s) statement and timeframe to reach your goal(s).

* Baseline Assessment

The more I know about your current food habits, physical activity/exercise and other health related behaviors, the better I will be able to develop a nutrition/supplementation/exercise plan that works for you and that you enjoy and can stick with:
- Lifestyle and preference analysis.
- Blood work.
- Your motivational stage to implement the changes needed for you to reach your goal(s).
Blood work is not mandatory, but strongly recommened as it can tell a lot about your current health status and what you should prioritize in order to reach your goal(s). If you are willing to do blood work I will send you a list of labs that are not included by routine doctor request. I do this because a lot of health problems can be prevented by nutritoinal means if detected at an early stage. Also, if you have a pre-excisting medical condition I need your labs (and medication history) in order to tailor your program to your health status. I will also be happy to work with your doctor. Most doctors do not pay enough attention to the importance of nutrition and don't have time to help their patients with their food habits. That's were I come in.

* Diet – Nutrition - Supplementation

- Baseline analysis of your current dietary habits, food intake and dietary supplement use.
I will teach you how to do a food diary (diet log). This baseline analysis is essential in order for me to help you make the right changes in your diet.
- Estimation of your basal energy requirement and total daily energy requirement.
This will make a base for planning your meal sizes.
- Based on your food preferences, and the data gathered during the goal setting and baseline analysis phase, I will write you a personalized diet/nutrition and supplement plan. This includes sample menus and product recommendations.

* Exercise

- Baseline analysis of your current exercise training program or non-exercise physical activity level.
- Based on your goal(s), work schedule and time commitment; I will design a personalized exercise program for you. 

* Education

- I will teach you and explain to you the rationale behind my recommendations. I will also be sending you some in-depth articles I have written on relevant topics. And I will be answering all your questions by daily emails. 

* Motivation - Inspiration - Daily Support

- I am available every day via email, 7 days/wk, to answer all your questions, and to give you inspiration during your journey towards your goal(s).
It is as important to me as it is to you that you reach your goals. I will be following you on a daily basis during your journey as your personal coach and motivator :)

For more information on rates and scheduling, please contact me using the contact form.

I'm looking forward to help yo reach your fitness and health goals!


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