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Written by Monica Mollica.

"About 8 months before my 50th birthday, I decided to get serious about my fitness. To motivate myself, I picked a body building contest to enter, scheduled for the week after I was to turn 50. To help me get ready for the bodybuilding stage, I hired my first ever Personal Trainer and Diet Coach: Monica Mollica. Monica's knowledge of training and nutrition is superb, and her own fitness and bodybuilding background acted as a constant inspiration to me throughout my own training. Monica was quick to answer any questions I had on a daily basis, and very instrumental in helping me to pack on quality muscle for the show.

Attached is a set of Before and After photos of myself. I think the results speak volumes for Monica's abilities as a trainer and diet coach!"

Paul Erlandson, Royal Oak, Michigan


Pam, 3 months results:

" I was first "introduced" to Monica in a forum where she helped hundreds of members with their supplement questions. I asked her plenty of questions such as what supplements to take, what dosages to take, what time of day to take them, whether they should be taken with or without food etc. She always answered within 24 hours or even within minutes of the post. From there I headed right to her website, I thought if she was that attentive to hundreds of people on a forum, she would be great with one on one coaching.

Unlike most women, my goal was to put on as much lean mass as possible without adding too much body fat in the processes. Over the years I've hired several professional bodybuilders to coach me for this goal. They each had a different method, theory, opinion as to the best method of getting me there. Two things stood out about Monica that I had not seen in the other coaches: REAL knowledge of dietary supplements and compassion. For me, yelling, insulting, condescending words do not help. Monica virtually sent me *hugs* when I needed them as well as a stern "I believe in you" and "you're doing great Pam". That's what I needed to succeed. I not only lost almost 10 pounds, I finally understood what MY body needed to get to my goal. Not every body responds to the same cookie cutter plan and Monica knows this and developed a diet/exercise plan that was tailored to my needs, and adjusted it according to how I responded. What distinguishes the plan Monica devises is its NO DEPRIVATION mantra, which is why I know I can live with this plan, and maintain my results, for the rest of my life! "

Thanks, Pamela


"Turn on the TV today and you'll hear all kinds of loose-weight-fast programs. Everything from DVD workouts to the latest gadget that will get you ripped in 30 days or less. I confess, through the years I've spent a fortune on short cuts and all they ever got me was poorer. You see I forgot to read the fine print! Disclaimers like, "must be combined with a diet and exercise program". Hey, nobody told me that in the slick TV ad that pried money loose from my wallet! Monica's program is no different; her disclaimer reads, "if you follow my program you will be forced to endure complements, spend lots of money on smaller clothes, feel better than you ever have before, and pack on more muscle in a short amount of time then you ever believed possible.

Ok, here is my story in brief. I was born in 1959 (I'm 53 as of this writing) to an Italian American family in New Jersey that believed the only way to fix anything was to eat. Feel good, eat; feel bad, eat; nothing to do, eat. You get the idea. I spent my childhood FAT. Now I'm only 5'8" tall on a small bone frame and when I left college I was over 200 pounds and pushing a 38" waist. In my mid 20's something had to change so I bought one of those plastic suits that were so popular in the 1980's and started running, and guess what; I ended up in the hospital with kidney stones! Well to make a long story short, I spent the next 25 years watching the scale go up and down, back-and-forth, but no matter what the scale said, I was still fat with these ugly love handles that just wouldn't go away no matter what I did. When I turned 50 I told my wife, "That's it, I'm getting liposuction". Her response was not very positive to say the least. So at 50 I changed my workout program and started using LoseIt calorie tracking on my iPhone and with this change I dropped 30 pounds and went from 36" waist to 32" waist. However, the ugly love handles never went away, I just got a little thinner and they fell over my belt. In May 2012 I found my weight creeping back up and I was pulling out my larger pants because my regular pants were getting too tight...

This is when I found Monica! I was first impressed by the quality of her articles; who is this person that writes so technically/in-depth and looks like she does? We emailed a few times, and then after some soul searching I finally realized I couldn't do this on my own and said to myself, why not...

Soon after starting her program I was convinced I made a mistake. She told me those supposedly great supplements that promised fantastic results were no good, and asked me to dump them. She put me on some "real" supplements that had real benefits for my goals and body. Then she had me take more blood tests then I ever had in my life. Then I had to check my blood glucose; what did I get myself into? The answer came in less time than I had expected: the diet/exercise program Monica designed for me, based on my own unique prerequisites and goals, turned out to be THE best program for fat loss and packing on lean muscle I've ever experienced.

Monica doesn't just help you reach your goals; she helps you improve your lifestyle, thinking and approach to food and exercise, and by doing so give you the "tools" to help you maintain your goals after you have reached them! This for most folks is the hardest part! Monica was always there for me answering my questions, giving motivation, encouragement and pep-talk, 7 days a week! At the conclusion of my 6 month coaching with Monica my whole mental outlook was vastly changed for the better, and I have no problems eating/training like she taught me.

What Monica did promise me, she delivered; love handles gone; more lean muscle, and an elevated mental energy level. She helped me achieve goals which I thought weren't possible for somebody my age!

I'm not a former athlete or bodybuilder, I'm just like most of you who have battled our weight for most of our lives. If you're taking the time to read this you've made the first step; I hope you come to realize like I did that we cannot do it alone. I promise you that working with Monica and having her as your coach will be the best decision in your life! "

Robert 'Bob' Buongiorno, Chicago  



"Overweight - yes, lethargic - yes, self-conscious - very, unhappy - definitely...

I’d been looking through photographs of recent holidays and realized that I wasn’t in many photos at all. I put it down to the usual excuse that I’m shy, quiet and an introvert so I’d much rather stay behind the camera than be in front of it, but then I found a photo and it was obvious, I was embarrassed over how I looked.

So it was a new year and it was time to do something about it and it was time to get help to change and make myself into the person I wanted to be. I’d already joined the gym with the thinking that “I can do it myself” but after a year of getting nowhere and putting things off, reading articles with completely different viewpoints on diet, which just added to my frustration, it was time for a change...

Why did I pick Monica and Trainergize? To be honest, there is no magic answer. I’d looked at a lot of sites offering personal diet and training regimes. I picked Monica Mollica at Trainergize because, in addition to the solid academic qualifications she holds, Monica genuinely cares about her Clients progress and success, which became obvious to me after a few email exchanges.

The diet plan and training program Monica designed for me are excellent and tailored not only to what foods I like and my daily schedule, but also to my confidence levels in the gym. She also had me do blood tests in order to analyze my current health status and find out if I have any nutrition related deficiencies and/or risk factors. Monica also gave me great advice on books to read on training and psychological aspects that would help me bust through my mental barriers. Her service is unique in that she takes an individualized lifestyle approach to her clients struggles, and bases her advice upon on her client's baseline condition (both physical and psychological) and preferences. To me, it means a lot that she doesn't push the one-size-fits-all strategy, which is so common everywhere else.

But the thing that has helped most is the continuing level of support, encouragement and motivation that she has provided. I’m only just three months into my new start and so I’m still at the start of my journey, but the results have been amazing. Not just the loss in weight and reduction in waist line, or the increase in day to day mental energy, but also the increase in confidence and self-esteem and most importantly, the feeling of being happy.

And for that, I cannot thank Monica enough!!! "

Mike Gartside, UK



"I first approached Monica with regards to a minor health issue that I wanted to address. My cholesterol was a bit higher than my doctor wanted, and I was attempting to lower it without the use of medication. I gave Monica a list of what I ate during a typical day, and thought that i was a relatively healthy eater. She proceeded to cut out half of the items I ate on a regular basis and replaced them with alternatives that she recommended. 


Monica also advised me on my weight training as well as my aerobic exercise, and how to best maximize my training. In addition, i began a regular regimen of supplements and vitamins, again on the advice of Monica. 


The end result is that my weight went from approximately 195 lbs all the way to 162 lbs within about 4 months, and my cholesterol is now well within the safe range. It was definitely a lot of hard work in the gym, but changing my dietary habits I believe was a defining factor. The amazing thing is that I lost weight even though I was eating all the time. It was definitely the healthiest way I have ever dropped some weight. 


As a former college tennis player and teaching tennis professional, i have been around athletes all of my life. Monica Mollica is certainly the most knowledgeable person I have ever met in the fields of nutrition, fitness, and supplements, and I would strongly recommend her to her clients."


Cory Waldman, Miami, FL


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